River perch

  • River perch (Johniops vogleri)
    River perch (Johniops vogleri)
Scientific name

Johniops vogleri

Other names
  • river jewfish
  • little jewfish
  • sharpnosed hammer croaker.
  • snout - rounded, but not swollen or projecting
  • mouth - bright orange colouration inside mouth
  • sides - bright silvery colouration with purple sheen along back
  • tail rhomboid in shape
  • compact body shape
Common misidentifications
  • juvenile mulloway
  • inshore estuarine rivers and bays
  • predominantly found in South East Queensland up to Rockhampton
  • benthic feeder
  • common length - 20cm
  • maximum length - 35cm
Size and possession limits
  • no size or possession limit
Features that distinguish river perch from mulloway
  • tail rhomboid in shape
  • inside of mouth is bright orange to yellow
  • compressed body compared to mulloway
  • no black dot at base of pectoral fin
  • grows to about 30cm.

Further information

Last updated 27 May 2010