Scaly jewfish

  • Scaly jewfish (Nibea squammosa)
    Scaly jewfish (Nibea squammosa)
Scientific name

Nibea squammosa

Other names
  • jewel fish
  • scale coaker
Frequent misidentifications
  • black jewfish
  • silver jewfish
  • snout blunt, slightly projecting in front of upper jaw
  • mouth small, with upper jaw extending backwards below hind margin of pupil
  • second anal spine long and stiff
  • scaly growths present in older fish along dorsal surface and on tail
  • Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Far North Queensland inshore areas
Size and possession limits
  • size limit 45 cm
  • no possession limit
How to distinguish from other jewfish
  • tail and ventral fins are yellowish
  • distinctly bulbous nose and underslung jaw
  • elongated body compared to silver jewfish

Further information

Last updated 10 November 2010