• Teraglin jew (Atractoscion aequidens)
    Teraglin jew (Atractoscion aequidens)
Scientific name

Atractoscion aequidens

Other names
  • teraglin jew
  • trag jew
  • geelbek
Frequent misidentifications
  • body is iridescent blue and purple, often with faint oblique lines on back and sides
  • the pectoral fin has a black blotch at base
  • edges of jaw and inside of gill cover are bright yellow
  • coastal waters to a depth of 200 m
  • Double Island Point and south
  • common fork length: 35 cm to 45 cm
  • maximum fork length: 70 cm
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 38 cm
  • possession limit: 5
How to distinguish from mulloway
  • body is iridescent blue and purple
  • back and sides often have faint oblique lines
  • caudal fin (tail) is cresent-shaped

Further information

Last updated 19 September 2014