Moreton bay bug (bay lobster)

This is a regulated species. See the size, take and possession limits for tidal waters

  • Drawing of a Moreton Bay bug
    Drawing of a Moreton Bay bug (Thenus orientalis)
Scientific name

Thenus orientalis

  • grows to a length of 28 cm and over 0.5kg
  • reddish-brown with speckling and dull yellowish tails
  • can be distinguished from the Balmain bug by the position of its eyes, which are at the outer edge of the carapace.
  • can be found throughout Queensland coastal waters, as well as in northern New South Wales and off the northern coast of Australia.
  • lives on muddy or sandy bottoms in oceanic waters to depths of up to 60 m
  • buries itself during the day and is active at night.
Size and possession limit
  • size limit: 7.5 cm minimum (across the widest part of carapace)
  • no possession limit

Further information

Last updated 06 February 2013