Pearl perch

  • Pearl perch (Glaucosoma scapulare)
    Pearl perch (Glaucosoma scapulare)
Scientific name

Glaucosoma scapulare

Other names
  • pearly
Frequent misidentifications
  • none
  • silvery-grey body
  • back of head has lavender reflections
  • supraclavicle (shoulder bone) is deep iridescent blue-black, becoming pearl-white when the thin membrane is removed; developed into a prominent bony shield
  • scales on back and upper sides have small, indistinct golden-brown to dark fawn spot at base
  • dorsal fin surface of last ray usually has dark blotch at base
  • pectoral fins are transparent with a small brown or black spot on inner base (axillary spot)
  • dorsal and caudal fin have pale membranes with white rays
  • anal fin is transparent with silvery or pale fawn rays
  • pelvic fins are transparent with white rays
  • coastal waters to a depth of 90 m on the continental shelf
  • generally close to submerged reefs or rough bottom
  • along the Queensland coast
  • common length: 35 cm
  • maximum total length: 70 cm
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size: 35 cm
  • possession limit: 5

Further information

Last updated 10 November 2011