Golden snapper (fingermark)

  • Golden snapper (Lutjanus johnii)
    Golden snapper (Lutjanus johnii)
Scientific name

Lutjanus johnii

Other names
  • fingermark
  • large-scale sea perch
  • red bream
Frequent misidentifications
  • Moses perch
  • mangrove jack
  • body has bronze to silvery sheen, shading to silvery white on belly and underside of head
  • back has round black spot/saddle that is larger than the eye (usually above lateral line, below anterior soft dorsal fin rays)
  • scales have reddish-brown spot often in centre of each scale, giving an overall appearance of horizontal lines on body
  • coral reef areas
  • brackish mangrove estuaries (juveniles)
  • Townsville and further north
  • 50 cm common length, 70 cm maximum total length
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 35 cm
  • possession limit of five on the east coast
  • possession limit of five in the Gulf of Carpentaria
How to distinguish from mangrove jack
  • overall golden-bronze body 
  • prominent black saddle on caudal peduncle (tail wrist) in live specimens

Further information

Last updated 15 February 2012