Wolf herring

  • Wolf herring (Chirocentrus dorab)
    Wolf herring (Chirocentrus dorab)
Scientific name

Chirocentrus dorab

Other names
  • dorab
Frequent misidentifications
  • hairtail
  • silvery body 
  • back is bright blue fading to grey
  • no spines on dorsal and anal fins
  • deeply forked tail
  • very large protruding canine-like teeth.
  • Inshore costal waters, predominantly northern Queensland.
  • common length, 60 cm
  • maximum length, 100 cm.
Size and possession limits
  • no size limit
  • possession limit, 10.
Features that distinguish wolf herring from hairtail
  • deeply forked caudal fin (tail).

Further information

Last updated 22 February 2010