Potato rockcod

  • Photo of a Potato cod
    Adult potato cod underwater (Photo: JE Randall)
  • Photo of a juvenile Potato cod
    Juvenile potato cod (Photo: JE Randall)

The potato rockcod is a no-take species. In Queensland, catching and possessing this fish is totally prohibited. If accidentally caught, they should be immediately and carefully returned to the water.

Scientific name

Epinephelus tukula

  • when caught fish assumes identical markings to the Queensland groper and the stark white colouration darkens
  • pattern of dark spots on lighter background may still be seen on closer examination
Family name

Serranidae (cods and gropers)

Family description
  • bottom-dwelling (demersal) predators
  • highly regarded food fish
  • most have small scales
  • hard to see lateral lines and usually rounded to emarginate tail fins
Size and possession limits
  • no-take species

Further information

Last updated 15 October 2012