Redthroat emperor (sweetlip emperor)

  • Photo of a Sweetlip emperor
    Photo of a Sweetlip emperor
  • Photo of an adult Sweetlip emperor under water
    Photo of an adult Sweetlip emperor under water
Scientific name

Lethrinus miniatus

  • bright red to orange colouration on spiny dorsal fin, base of pectoral fin, around eye and inside mouth
Family name

Lethrinidae (emperors)

Family description
  • large eyes for feeding at night
  • distinct scales and strong spines on their fins
  • bottom-feeding carnivores
  • highly valued food fish
  • includes all species of the genera Lethrinus
  • representative species of lethrinus have been illustrated in this guide but there are more species you can catch
  • the grass emperor or grass sweetlip Lethrinus laticaudis is not considered a coral reef fish under the fishery plan. The grass emperor is, however, a regulated tidal species under the Fisheries Regulation 1995. Please check current rules and regulations for specific size and in-possession limits
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 38 cm
  • possession limit 8
  • in addition, total possession limit of 20 for all Coral Reef Fin Fish

Further information

Last updated 23 November 2011