Saddletail snapper (large-mouth nannygai)

  • Photo of a saddletail seaperch
    Adult saddletail seaperch (Photo: JE Randall)
  • Photo of a juvenile saddletail seaperch
    Juvenile saddletail seaperch (Photo: JE Randall)
Scientific name

Lutjanus malabaricus

Family name

Lutjanidae (tropical snappers and seaperches)

Family description
  • most tropical snappers and seaperches are easy to identify by their adult colouration
  • most have strong spinous dorsal fins and a more-or-less continuous dorsal fin which may be slightly notched between the spinous and soft parts
  • they are carnivores and typically feed at night
  • some species are known ciguatoxin carriers
  • mangrove jack (Lutjanus argentimaculatus) and large scale seaperch (fingermark) (Lutjanus johnii) are not considered coral reef fish under the fishery plan
  • jobfishes are a subset of this family and include all species of the genera Aphareus, Aprion, Etelis, Parapristipomoides and Pristipomoides
  • representative species have been illustrated in this guide but there are more species you may catch. Please check current rules and regulations for specific size and in-possession limits
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 40 cm
  • combined possession limit of 9 for crimson snapper (small-mouth nannygai) and saddletail snapper (large-mouth nannygai)
  • in addition, total possession limit of 20 for all Coral Reef Fin Fish

Further information

Last updated 25 November 2011