Anchor tuskfish

Photo of an anchor tuskfish
Scientific name

Choerodon anchorago

  • white belly with a creamy patch extending up the flank behind the pectoral fins
  • yellow to white saddle blotch on the tail base
  • small orange dots on the face and head
  • well-developed tusk-like teeth
Family name

Labridae (wrasse)

Family description
  • the Labridae family includes (but is not limited to) all species from the genera Cheilinus(wrasse), Bodianus (hogfish) and Choerodon (tuskfish)
  • wrasses are a highly diverse group of carnivorous fish
  • most wrasses show different colour forms at different stages of life
  • juveniles may be different from young adults which may then differ from older adults
  • wrasses often go through three phases - the juvenile stage, the initial phase in which there are males and females, and the terminal phase which only has males
  • when a dominant male dies, the largest female of the group changes sex to take its place
  • hogfish include all species of the genus Bodianus
  • representative species have been illustrated in this guide but there are more species you may catch. Please check current rules and regulations for specific size and in-possession limits
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 30 cm
  • combined possession limit of 6 for all tuskfish species
  • in addition, total possession limit of 20 for all Coral Reef Fin Fish

Further information

Last updated 24 November 2011