Research, development and extension

An industry-based Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) advisory committee has been established as an action under the Queensland Forest and Timber Industry Plan (the Plan).

The committee will guide the Queensland Government's additional $1.4 million timber and forest industry RD&E investment under the Plan. This builds on ongoing support for research and innovation in the forestry and processing industries.  

The committee has overseen development of a Queensland forest and timber industry research, development and extension framework identifying priorities and target areas for RD&E investment.

Endorsed projects

8 RD&E projects have been endorsed by the committee, each having an industry advocate and partner, and leveraging co-investment.

The projects will deliver practical outcomes for industry, including:

  • A web-app version of the building performance guide Construction Timbers in Queensland
  • Data to support the use of timber in cyclone-prone areas
  • Operational strategies for forest growers to help manage the risk of Sirex woodwasp in pine plantations
  • Improving understanding about the use of remote digital sensing to determine timber volume and quality
  • Identifying opportunities to use plantation thinnings and low grade logs in engineered wood products
  • Improving the productive capacity of private native forests
  • Improving understanding about the wood properties of Queensland's Southern pine plantation
  • Better detection of pest and disease incursions on exotic pines.

Delivered projects

These projects will build on work delivered through the Plantation Hardwood Research Fund which concluded in mid-2015. The Queensland government's $2.4 million investment delivered 5 important projects:

  • Assessing the durability of Queensland plantation hardwoods
  • Developing high value composites from hardwood thinnings
  • Characterising wood properties for elite subtropical and tropical hardwoods
  • Minimising stem defect impact on wood quality in hardwoods
  • Specifying resource requirements for processing small hardwood logs.

If you would like further information about these projects, or for a copy of a project report please contact us.

Last updated 09 November 2016