Getting started on a journey to find the right AgTech solution is different for every business.

There is tech available to suit individual business needs, personal operational style and budget.

Your investment in AgTech may be gradual and your approach may differ each time. You could pursue a variety of technology types simultaneously, opting for tested and proven solutions or emerging cutting-edge technologies.

Read about types of tech and tools you can use or browse the AgTech Finder to locate a supplier who might have the service or technology you need.

To guide your efforts, identify an issue you want to resolve or an improvement you wish to make and set a budget.

Consider the initial financial outlays versus potential future cost-savings from efficiencies.

Finding the right solution

Use this checklist to evaluate if a technology is fit for your business purpose.

  • What's the core problem you are trying to solve?
  • What’s the motive for the purchase? Is it to make a task easier? Automate an activity? Reduce a business cost?
  • Does the technology do what it's supposed to do?
  • How compatible is the technology with existing systems? Can it interface with your existing equipment/programs?
  • Take it for a test drive or at least review some good case studies/testimonials to validate it.
  • How reliant is the technology on your connectivity and speed?
  • Is it value for money? How does it compare with similar products and services?
  • How reliable is it? What's the warranty back-up service?
  • Who owns any data that is generated?
  • Is it a one-off purchase, or are there ongoing subscriptions?
  • Are there other considerations you need to make before you purchase it?

Support networks

Queensland has a thriving AgTech community you can tap into to support your journey.

Familiarising yourself with available support services will be important as you consider which AgTech solutions to explore.

Across Queensland there are AgTech hubs and clusters you can contact, which are collaboration spaces for innovators, researchers, producers and technology developers and agribusinesses.

Last updated: 08 Feb 2023