AgTech and the future

Let’s get prepared for our unimagined food, fibre and foliage future.

Let's continue to create a Queensland agribusiness sector that is nimble, innovative and actively embraces its digital future.

To assist us, we'll require a strategic exploration of the opportunities emerging from futurist tech, food innovation, digital disruption, global economic challenges and ever-changing consumer and cultural demand.

A new normal

The industry forecast is one with the lot— new and emerging technologies in robotics, packaging materials, biotechnology, digital and wireless systems, weather and animal monitoring, geospatial, and precision agriculture, just to name a few.

We are helping to evaluate Queensland agriculture’s tech-readiness and the ability to cope with disruptions of all types, including natural disasters. These challenges have spurred us on to focus on transforming Queensland into a world-leader in adopting innovative solutions in agriculture.

Exploring Frontiers

The future will be complex and unpredictable, but the opportunities to grow and prosper through the adoption of AgTech are significant. AgTech, particularly digital developments, has the potential to transform the landscape of agribusiness. Exploring Frontiers provides a snapshot of cutting-edge technologies on the horizon for agribusinesses.

  • Picture of a robot arm picking red capsicums from the vine


    How robots and robotics are being used now and what are the future possibilities in AgTech.

  • Large drone hovering low over sugarcane with blue sky background.


    How drone technology is being utilised in AgTech and what’s ahead in the future.

Last updated: 08 Feb 2023