26 April 2023
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Join Something Fest for a panel discussion on ‘The State of Digital Innovation in 2033’. With this year’s Festival theme being interconnections, the festival warm up will explore the intricacies of a tech enabled future with a 10-year outlook.

Some of the questions to be explored are

  • How can we turn our fears into opportunities and lean into the unknown to make a positive impact on our planet, improve health spans, strengthen our organisations and become better humans?
  • How do we build organisational long-term views to harness the changes we cannot see?
  • How can businesses predict consumer and human behaviour to navigate the new technologies, create better experiences and grow through the opportunities?
  • How do we build a workforce of the future that leverages cutting-edge technologies whilst delivering value to customers and organisations?
  • How will the human-tech interconnections we are forming today, morph into our future virtual worlds?

Speakers include, Dr S. Kate Devitt from Better Beliefs and Pauline Fatui, Director of Innovation for the Australian Computer Society, with more speakers to be announced soon.

When: 17 May, 5:15pm to 7.30pm

Tickets: Something Fest 2023 | Warm Up.

Where: Smoked Garage, 126 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley