Queensland’s agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food industries are central to our economy, regions and communities.

At a glance

  • 58,100

    direct employment in 2022–23

  • 363,000

    total supply-chain employment

  • 66,900

    AFF and value chain businesses


Queensland's primary industries directly and indirectly employ more than 363,000 people (more than 13% of Queensland's workforce).

Explore the employment dashboard to see:

  • employment and business statistics related to Queensland's agriculture, fisheries and forestry supply chain
  • how farm gate employment and businesses support other sectors of the Queensland economy.

Seasonal labour demand

Horticulture has a particular reliance on seasonal workers to ensure continuity of supply, with up to 18,000 temporary full time equivalent jobs available each month during a good season.

Explore our labour-demand dashboard to understand:

  • demand across Queensland horticultural regions and commodities
  • labour intensity of various commodities across the year.

Data disclaimer

These figures are:

  • modelled estimates only
  • subject to change
  • based on the available data as at February 2021.

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Last updated: 12 Oct 2023