Are you an avid foodie looking to expand your palate and learn more about your produce?

There are many farm tours across Queensland that allows you to experience life on the land, learn from the farmers and most importantly taste delicious and freshly harvested food.

Here are some of our favourite farm tours that will be a treat for every foodie’s taste buds.

Towri Sheep Cheeses—Allenview, South East Queensland

Group of people making cheese

What started off as a hobby, soon turned into a family affair. Towri Sheep Cheeses brings an ewe-nique experience with its farm tours.

“Our farm truly is a hidden oasis, with ever-expanding French style gardens, jumping Jack Russells, an old kelpie named Abby, sheep that love a good cuddle, a farm shop that highlights such incredible local produce, and last but not least our cheese,” says Dallas— one part of the mother and daughter team.

The tour starts off with a milking demo, followed by a cheese tasting where you can taste award-winning hand-crafted sheep milk cheeses. Finish the day off with lots of cuddles with the friendly sheep.

Towri Sheep Cheeses also offers extra experiences including a cheese-making workshop, sheep races, farmers markets, and paint and sip—aptly called ‘Paint with ewe’ classes..

“For me it is seeing the look on visitors faces when they arrive. The only thing you can truly collect in life is memories, so get out there and collect and experience as many as you can!”

The farm tours run on the first Saturday of each month, bookings are essential.

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Daintree Ice Cream Company—Daintree

Ice cream cone looking out to an orchard

Hidden in the beautiful Heritage Listed Daintree Forest lies the Daintree Ice Cream Company orchard.

The tropical fruit orchard contains over 15 species of rare and exotic trees that you can explore on a self-guided walk, which also features dedicated revegetation and wildlife rehabilitation areas.

If getting to experience the untouched and vast landscape is not enough to convince you to visit, the chance to taste the lovingly crafted ice cream, gelato and sorbet will. You can treat yourself to many unique flavours like star fruit, jackfruit, dragon fruit and mangosteen.

"We feel that providing ice cream in this way delivers the best taste experience for every palate. We encourage our visitors to open their minds and their mouths to the weird and wonderful world of exotic fruit ice cream," says Jenna—one of the owners.

If exploring the lush tropical gardens while enjoying your delightfully exotic fruit ice cream under the very tree where it was grown sounds like the perfect day to you, start planning your trip.

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Truffle Discovery Centre—Stanthorpe

Truffles and other produce

Truffles are always a welcome addition to any food-lover palate. Just a small drop of truffle oil can add flair and enhance almost any savoury dish.

The Truffle Discovery Centre in Stanthorpe offers visitors a chance to unearth all that is truffles.

Sample local truffle-infused produce like honey, cheeses, salsa and butter. Visitors even get a chance to try the decadent and rare French black PĂ©rigord truffle and the white Italian truffle.

Not only will you be treating your taste buds you can also see the truffle detection dogs in training, get a behind-the-scenes look at the truffle industry and meet the farmers.

Getting the full truffle experience is something that Matt the owner of Truffle Discovery Centre prides himself on.

"When you walk into a Granite Belt business it’s highly likely you'll meet the owner. The person stocking the shelf is also the detection dog trainer. We open the door to our lives, and you cannot buy that experience in the concrete jungle. It is authentic, unique and intimate,” says Matt.

The Truffle Discovery Centre is free and is open Wednesdays and on the weekends from 10am to 3.30pm.

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Port on a Plate food trail tour—Port Douglas

Group enjoying a white wine

Port on a Plate is one of the best food experiences in Far North Queensland. Owner Peter Davidson will be your guide and chef as you journey through local farms and eat their fresh produce.

Peter loves connecting people through food and showing them the best Port Douglas has to offer.

“I love where I live because the environment is so beautiful and clean. Clean water and clean air, which I think helps in creating great produce," says Peter.

On the tour you get to explore and sample produce from three farms: Scomazzon’s, Daintree Saltwater Barramundi and Shannonvale Tropical Fruit winery. Here you will pick ingredients for Peter to cook lunch with while you enjoy a wine tasting.

Port on a Plate runs tours 4 days a week.

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High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm—Yeppoon

Man inspecting seedling in greenhouse

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm was initially created by Ross and Judy O’Reilly to produce organic produce for their restaurant, Beaches, in Rosslyn Bay.

The concept has since snowballed into a completely self-sufficient community model and education centre, showcasing a range of regenerative farming practices.

The desire to generate a positive change for planet was the biggest driver for Ross to start his farm.

“We love to lead positive change, which is much needed in our community and beyond. It is all about practicing permaculture ethics of earth care, people care, community and future care," says Ross.

You can start the day touring the farm and learning how quality produce is grown. Finish the day at Beaches where you can taste the delicious paddock-to-plate menu, which celebrates their fresh produce along with locally sourced seafood and meat.

Tours for all ages are offered every Sunday at 9am. You can also volunteer to stay and work on the farm.

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Charley’s Chocolate Factory—Mission Beach

Couple inspecting trees in orchard

Who can say no to chocolate?

Charley’s Chocolate Factory tour is every sweet tooth’s dream. On the tour, you learn about the journey from the cocoa tree to chocolate bar.

Lynn and Chris started making chocolate after falling in love with Far North Queensland and leaving their corporate jobs in Melbourne behind.

"We planted some cocoa seeds, started growing cocoa trees and began making chocolate—the rest is history!" says Lynn

Charley’s Chocolate Factory is one of the few places in the world where people can get a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of cocoa farming and chocolate making. But obviously the best part of the tour is getting to taste all the amazing chocolate.

"The tours blow peoples' minds! Guests love tasting our chocolate too," says Lynn.

Charley's operates tours on Thursdays and Sundays starting at 10:30am and finishing around 1pm. You don’t need a golden ticket, but bookings are essential.

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Last updated: 20 Dec 2022