Research unlocks potential of pasture legumes

News release | 04-May-2018

Research trials have highlighted the exciting potential of pasture legumes to assist graziers increase the productivity of their grass pastures.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Principal Pasture Agronomist Gavin Peck said pasture legumes have been identified as the best long-term option to increase the productivity and returns from grass pastures through their ability to increase live-weight gains and carrying capacities.

“Trials in Queensland’s Brigalow Belt bioregion have shown that increases in live weight gain ranging from 60 to160 per cent per hectare are possible from legumes,” Mr Peck said.

“The Brigalow Belt is a critically important region for beef production in northern Australia and that there is no doubt that well-adapted legumes can help graziers improve their business’s performance.

“That is why DAF is running coordinated research and extension activities to help graziers in the Brigalow Belt trial, assess and adopt on-farm options to successfully establish legumes and maintain their productivity in the long term.

“These activities include grazier groups participating in workshops and developing trial sites to encourage the more widespread and successful adoption of pasture legumes in the Brigalow Belt bio-region.

“More than 100 graziers and 15 private sector farm advisors and 11 public sector farm advisors, collectively representing ninety-one businesses, have attended the nine workshops already held and more workshops are planned.”

Pasture legumes will be one topic discussed at the “Improving beef enterprise performance in Northern Australia” seminar next week at Beef Australia 2018 at the Rockhampton Showgrounds.

Presenters at the seminar will include experienced DAF officers Maree Bowen, Fred Chudleigh and Gavin Peck who have considerable experience in areas such as cattle nutrition, economic analysis and pasture management.

Interested people can attend the seminar on Wednesday 9 May from 2.30pm until 4.30pm in the Gallagher Energiser Room of the James Lawrence Pavilion.

Tickets are just $20 and can be bought from the Beef Australia 2018 website,

More information about improving business performance and other ways the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries supports Queensland’s beef industry will be showcased at the Beef Australia 2018 event in Rockhampton from Sunday 6 May to Saturday 12 May.

Representatives from the Department’s beef extension and biosecurity teams will be at the Sidney Kidman Pavilion to provide support and extension advice to Queensland livestock producers.

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