Going on an ant hunt

News release | 03-Aug-2020

Cairns families are being encouraged to get involved in a new way to find and get rid of electric ants.

National Electric Ant Eradication Program Principal Project Officer Gary Morton said families were being asked to conduct a DIY electric ant hunt in their yards.

“The Great Backyard Electric Ant Hunt is a simple and fun way for people of all ages to get involved in the search for electric ants,” Mr Morton said.

“Set aside some time between Saturday 8 August 2020 and Saturday 5 September 2020 to check your yard for electric ants, collect samples of suspect ants, and return them by prepaid post to the Program for analysis.

“There is no cost to take part and the Program will send everyone taking part a kit which includes tips for safely hunting and collecting ants.

“I encourage people to get involved by calling us on 13 25 23 or visiting daf.qld.gov.au/anthunt.”

Mr Morton said that, currently, electric ants were found only in North Queensland.

“Electric ants are a significant environmental, health and agricultural pest so it is in everyone’s interest to lend a hand to eradicate them and stop their spread,” Mr Morton said.

“Even if you can’t be involved in the Great Backyard Electric Ant Hunt, you can do simple things to reduce the risk of bringing electric ants onto your property.

“For example, if buying or swapping pot plants or cuttings, get them checked or self-quarantine them and, if you see any suspect ants or are being stung in your garden or pool, contact the program on 13 25 23.”

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