Powerlink pitching in to help manage Panama disease

News release | 28-Jun-2018

Queensland’s electricity transmission provider Powerlink is helping protect Queensland’s banana industry from Panama disease by making a wash-down facility available to biosecurity field crews.

Panama TR4 Program leader Rhiannon Evans said when Panama disease tropical race 4 (Panama TR4) was first detected on a farm in the Tully Valley in 2015, Powerlink quickly assisted by allowing access to its Sandy Creek wash-down bay.

“This wash-down bay is used almost daily by Biosecurity staff after visiting banana farms in the region,” she said.

“Washing and decontaminating vehicles, machinery and equipment is essential to containing this potentially devastating disease.

“Powerlink has helped the Program tremendously by providing their wash-down bay facility to our staff to decontaminate their vehicles.

“They have also been supportive of the department’s biosecurity measures by ensuring their staff understand Panama TR4 and are trained to come clean and leave clean on banana farm entry and exit.

“We acknowledge the contribution Powerlink has made, not only to the Program but to the entire region in the fight against Panama TR4.”

Media contact: Deanna Belbin, (07) 4091 8148