Protect your pooch from ticks

News release | 12-Nov-2021

  • Now is the time to protect your dog against ticks which are more prevalent during the wet season.
  • The brown dog tick can transmit a deadly bacteria which causes the disease ehrlichiosis.
  • Keep your dog away from tick infested areas as much as possible and inspect them regularly for any ticks.

Dog owners are urged to ensure their pet is protected against ticks.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries General Manager, Animal Biosecurity and Welfare and Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Allison Crook said with the wet season upon us, there would be more ticks about.

“The brown dog tick is found across northern Australia, and it can transmit a deadly bacteria between dogs, causing the disease ehrlichiosis,” Dr Crook said.

“The best protection is to use an external tick control product that kills brown dog ticks on contact, before the tick can attach to your dog.”

You should also:

  • keep your dog away from tick-infested bushland areas, and areas where infected dogs or ticks may be present, including shared dog areas
  • regularly inspect your dog for ticks by running your fingers through its coat and feel for abnormal bumps. Pay particular attention to the head and neck, inside their ears, on their chest, between their toes and around their mouth and gums.

Speak to your veterinarian for more advice about how to protect your dog, including effective tick prevention and control products.

Read more about canine ehrlichiosis For more information visit or call Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

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