Visitors urged to follow banana farm rules over the holidays

News release | 21-Dec-2018

Friends and family visiting banana farms over the holiday season are being reminded to follow the farm rules to prevent the spread of Panama disease tropical race 4 (Panama TR4).

Panama TR4 Program leader Rhiannon Evans said it’s normal over the holiday period to want to catch up with friends and family.

“We’d like to remind people that may visit banana farms during the holidays that a serious disease that can affect our banana industry is present in the region and is easily spread in soil.

“Many growers are protecting their farms from Panama TR4 through a range of biosecurity measures.

“With a simple phone call before you visit, you can find out how to minimise the risk of spreading Panama TR4.

“It may be a matter of parking your car in a designated area, washing your footwear and not entering banana paddocks,” Ms Evans said.

She also reminded growers to make sure phone numbers on farm gate signs are up to date and able to be read.

“People entering your farm can’t contact you to ask about your farm rules if your gate sign phone number is out of date or can’t be read.”

She said growers could contact the Panama TR4 Program by phone on 07 4091 8140 or via email if they required more farm gate signs.

Caption: Visitors are being urged to follow banana farm rules over the holiday season to minimise the risk of spreading Panama TR4

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