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Departmental media releases

  • What lies beneath: understand your soil through testing insights
    • DAF is offering free soil testing and support to Central and Southern Queensland grain growers who want to better understand and manage their soils.
    • Declining soil health is holding back the sustainability, productivity and profitability of Australian farms.
    • This program will help improve decisions and future farm performance.


  • New app gets on top of dieback
    • A new app will allow graziers to upload details of pasture dieback directly from the paddock
    • Accurate identification is difficult due to similarities with other conditions
    • Research suggests pasture mealybug is a primary factor but other pathogenic organisms and environmental conditions are likely to be involved
    • Using the Pasture Dieback Survey app will help researchers identify pasture dieback and confirm whether it’s spreading, reducing or static.


  • Barramundi benefit from ‘gap year’ in fresh water

    More than a third of adult barramundi spend their ‘teenage’ years in fresh water, researchers have found.

    And, like any gap year, this appears to assist their personal growth—barramundi that spend time in fresh water as juveniles grow faster and larger than those that spend their whole lives in salt water.

    Researchers analysed otoliths—fish ear bones which grow rings every year (much like trees)—to learn where barramundi had lived at different stages of their lives.


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