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  • Look out for dog disease after the rain
    • Keep an eye on your dog after the wet weather for any signs of the tick-borne disease ehrlichiosis.
    • A number of dogs have been infected by ticks across much of northern Australia, including Queensland.
    • Keep your dog out of ticky areas, such as the bush, and for more information on what to look for visit and search for ‘ehrlichiosis.


  • Protect your pooch from ticks
    • Now is the time to protect your dog against ticks which are more prevalent during the wet season.
    • The brown dog tick can transmit a deadly bacteria which causes the disease ehrlichiosis.
    • Keep your dog away from tick infested areas as much as possible and inspect them regularly for any ticks.


  • Scientific review informs industry of a way forward in the management of Panama TR4

    An independently commissioned review into Panama disease tropical race 4 (Panama TR4) in Far North Queensland has provided a list of research priorities to help guide industry to manage the disease in the long term.


  • Look out for limnocharis
    • North Queensland is under threat from an exotic weed called limnocharis.
    • It’s an invader that chokes waterways causing serious environmental and agricultural problems.
    • We need everybody to be on the lookout and report anything suspicious.


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