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Departmental media releases

  • Flick the tick, help stop ehrlichiosis

    Dog owners and veterinarians are being urged to be dog’s best friend by remaining vigilant to stop the spread of the tick-borne disease, ehrlichiosis.


  • Banana growers ask community to ‘get in the zone’ and help protect against Panama TR4 this Christmas

    Don’t enter banana farms.

    This message is top of the Christmas list for North Queensland banana growers who have come together to ask the community for help with protecting their farms from Panama disease tropical race 4 (Panama TR4).


  • Have you filled in your horse movement form?
    • Horse owners need to complete a movement record before moving a horse in Queensland.
    • A movement record can be written or electronic and must be completed every time a horse moves from one property to another.
    • Horse owners need to include details of the horses being moved, where to and when.
    • These records allow us to trace horse movements in the event of an emergency animal disease.


  • Help short-circuit electric ants in Kuranda

    Kuranda residents are being asked to support a four-week campaign to help eradicate electric ants from the area.


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