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On-farm biosecurity

On-farm Biosecurity

Protecting our agricultural industries from pest and diseases

Biosecurity is how we prevent, respond to, and recover from pest and diseases that threaten Queensland’s economy and agricultural industries, our way of life, and the environment.

Protecting our state from emerging threats doesn’t stop at the border. It requires a shared approach between government, industry and community to establish strong biosecurity measures throughout the state and at the farm gate.

Farm Check-In

Check-in to an agricultural property to help identify and manage biosecurity risks.

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Farm biosecurity planning

Resources to support biosecurity planning on your property.

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Your general biosecurity obligation

Learn how your general biosecurity obligation applies to you.

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Report a biosecurity pest or disease

If you suspect an exotic or invasive pest or disease, report your concern.

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Land access agreements

Information and resources for property owners or managers when sharing farming land with companies.

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Install the Farm Check-In app

Instructions on how you can download the on-farm biosecurity app to your device.

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Last updated: 16 Aug 2021