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Farm biosecurity planning

Farm biosecurity planning helps agricultural property owners manage biosecurity risks.

Biosecurity risks can be anything that may spread a disease or move a pest or weed. Property owners or managers should have precautions in place to address the biosecurity risk of any persons entering their property.

Farm Check-In

Farm Check-In has been created to assist visitors with managing biosecurity risks when entering agricultural properties.

Visitors are encouraged to check-in at the farm gate to help minimise the risk of pests and diseases from entering or spreading on the property. The Farm Check-In form helps visitors recognise biosecurity risks and take appropriate actions to meet their general biosecurity obligation.

Read more on how properties with biosecurity management plans can incorporate the Farm Check-In as a condition of entry.

For properties with limited internet coverage, the form can be saved offline and sent when the visitor has access to internet. Visitors can also complete the form prior to arriving at the property.

Scan the QR code at the property gate, or alternatively install the Farm Check-In app on their mobile device. By using the app, you will be able to access the offline form if there is limited internet coverage.


Agricultural properties can use the Farm Check-In template to attach to your property gate. Ensure you include your phone and email details to receive a copy of the form.

If you have a biosecurity management plan, read more information about signage options and what you need to do to incorporate Farm Check-In as part of your plan.

Biosecurity planning

Biosecurity planning outlines practices to safeguard your business from potential biosecurity risks. Property owners and managers are encouraged to have an up-to-date biosecurity management plan (for a registrable biosecurity entity) or a biosecurity plan in place. Your plan should be reviewed every 12 months or sooner if your operation changes, or you experience a disease or pest incursion.

Farm Biosecurity has extensive range of templates and guides to assist you with your planning.

Farm signage

A sign should be placed at your property entrance to show you have a biosecurity management plan in place. Download a gate signage template.

Registerable biosecurity entity

Check to see if you should register as a biosecurity entity. Registration allows us to better prepare for and respond to biosecurity emergencies.

Personal biosecurity toolkit

A biosecurity toolkit contains the necessary equipment to help visitors minimise the risk of spread pests and diseases when accessing an agricultural property. Carrying a biosecurity toolkit provides the opportunity to clean-down footwear and/or equipment when facilities are not available.


Last updated: 28 Jul 2021