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Seeking out fire ants from inner Brisbane suburbs

News release | 03-May-2017

Residents and businesses in inner Brisbane suburbs are being urged to check their properties and report suspicious fire ants to Biosecurity Queensland.

Biosecurity Queensland’s National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program Director, Geoff Kent said nests were recently located and destroyed in the suburbs of St Lucia, Fairfield, and Holland Park West.

“Biosecurity Queensland officers have conducted surveillance in the surrounding areas, however we need the community to be our eyes on the ground,” Mr Kent said.

“We need the community to actively check their properties and report any suspicious ants to Biosecurity Queensland to ensure there are no more fire ants lurking further afield.

“The program has always had strong community support in Brisbane as people know it’s in their best interests to get involved – the havoc that fire ants can cause to our health and wellbeing, environment and agriculture can be enormous.”

A community engagement campaign targeting residents in inner Brisbane locations was launched today in Fairview Street Park, Fairfield.

Mr Kent said today’s launch was the start of a range of community engagement activities being run in the area to inform and encourage the community to keep a look out for fire ants.

“We had the opportunity to demonstrate to the community how volunteers conduct surveillance activities and a live fire ant tank on display for a close-up inspection,” he said.

Fire ants are 2-6mm in size, coppery-brown with a dark abdomen, are aggressive and inflict a painful sting.

For more information, or to report fire ants, contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or visit www.daf.qld.gov.au/fireants.

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