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  • Weed warriors wanted

    Biosecurity Queensland is urging North Queenslanders to become weed warriors and help eradicate Limnocharis, an exotic and invasive aquatic weed, from ponds and waterways.


  • Drone technology plants the seed for stopping weed invasion

    Artificial intelligence, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and high-resolution cameras have been successfully used to automatically detect and map an aggressive weed, in an effort to stop it spreading through Queensland’s coastal dunes.


  • Fire ant treatment and surveillance activities extend over weekends

    Fire ant treatment and surveillance in selected areas will continue over coming weekends to ensure this round of baiting and monitoring is finished before winter.


  • Safeguarding our livestock at Beef2018

    Biosecurity Queensland has partnered with the organisers of Beef Australia 2018 to make sure no unwanted pests make it into this year's event.


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