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  • More flexibility for cattle moving to the tick free zone

    Cattle processors and producers now have more flexibility in moving stock from the cattle tick infested zone to abattoirs in the cattle tick free zone.


  • Powerlink pitching in to help manage Panama disease

    Queensland’s electricity transmission provider Powerlink is helping protect Queensland’s banana industry from Panama disease by making a wash-down facility available to biosecurity field crews.


  • Electric ant shock at Kuranda

    Thanks to the sharp eyes and enthusiasm of local residents, Biosecurity Queensland has identified new infestations of electric ants in the Cairns area, three of which are at Kuranda.


  • Weed warriors wanted

    Biosecurity Queensland is urging North Queenslanders to become weed warriors and help eradicate Limnocharis, an exotic and invasive aquatic weed, from ponds and waterways.


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