Biosecurity accreditation schemes register

The Biosecurity Register contains information about registered biosecurity entities, restricted places, restricted animals and restricted biosecurity matter. Some information on the Biosecurity Register is published on the Department’s website. Not all details on the Biosecurity Register are available to the public—some of the information is confidential.

Access information that is publicly available

The following information about the designated places associated with registered biosecurity entities is available to the public:

  • the address
  • local government area
  • if relevant, the name of each place for which the entity is registered
  • if relevant, the property identification code (PIC) of each place for which the entity is registered.

This information may be useful to people moving livestock between places in the state to validate a PIC.

Details about restricted places, restricted animals, restricted biosecurity matter and registered biosecurity entities related to bees are not published as this information is confidential.

Please contact us for assistance accessing information in the Biosecurity Register.

Apply to purchase information on the register

When an entry is made on the Biosecurity Register an information notice containing detail of entry is given to the Registered Biosecurity Entity, the land owner and the occupier of the place. Any person seeking access to information may be able to obtain information from a person who has been given an information notice, or must have the written consent of the land owner and/or animal owner.

Under section 173 of the Biosecurity Act 2014 you may apply to buy a copy of all or part of the information held in the Biosecurity Register. Information on the Biosecurity Register, other than the details that are publicly available on the website, is considered confidential and would only be released to appropriate applicants. You can request property specific information by:

Both types of request require the applicant to pay the fee as prescribed under the Biosecurity Regulation 2016.

Contact us for advice if you are uncertain whether to complete an application or which application to complete.