Broadacre field crops

Broadacre field crops sustain the economic, social and cultural fabric of many Queenslanders. The broadacre field crop industry is estimated to be worth about $675 million (excluding sugarcane). The industry employs thousands of people on the land, in food processing, and in other areas along the value chain.

Flood recovery - crop facts

Prepare for winter crops following floods | Waterlogging (yellow crops) | Flooded machinery

Crop information

Barley | Chickpeas | Cotton | Lucerne  | Maize | Mungbeans | Navy beans Peanuts | Sorghum | Soybeans | Sunflower | Wheat | Oats | Best management practices in field crops

Cropping systems

Climate/SOI  | Managing nitrogen | Managing water resources | Nutrition management | Planting management | Soil carbon sequestration - myths and mysteries | Grain storage and drying | Tools for cropping systems

Crop pests and diseases

Insect management  | Weed management | Preventing herbicide resistance | Crop disease management  | Vertebrate pest management  | Pest and disease diagnostic service for grains, cotton, forage oats and pastures

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Industry contacts

Field crop research and development
Find out about our world-class research and development teams and their current projects.

Australian Tropical Crops and Forages Collection
Located in Biloela, Central Queensland, the ATCFC is one of six institutes within Australia that maintains important plant genetic diversity through seed conservation in long-term cold storage.

Last updated 13 October 2014