Chickpea production in Queensland

Chickpeas are pulses; they are prepared and eaten in a variety of ways. Dahl is one of the most popular foods derived from chickpeas. Chickpeas are a staple food in the Middle East and the subcontinent. India is the largest buyer of Australian chickpeas.

Chickpeas are a winter crop and, because they are legumes, are valuable as a rotation crop with other winter cereals such as wheat and barley.

  • Planting chickpeas

    A comprehensive fact sheet on chickpea varieties, planting and nutrition

  • Chickpea - overview

    A general Chickpea page dealling with the management and benefits of growing chickpeas.

  • Disease management for Chickpeas

    A comprehensive factsheet dealing with the management of diseases in Chickpeas

  • Marketing

    Information on marketing chickpeas including Desi chickpeas and Kabuli chickpeas

  • Contacts and resources

    Resources and contacts for chickpea production in Queensland

  • Varieties of chickpeas

    Chickpea varieties including Desi and Amethyst and varieties protected under Plant Breeders Rights Act including kyabra, flipper, jimbour, moti, and yorker

  • Nutrition

    A page about the nutritional requirements of chickpeas.

  • Helicoverpa management

    This page links wth the booklet that comprehensively deals with Helicoverpa mangement in chickpea

  • Chickpea - weed management

    A comprehensive factsheet of the management of weeds in Chickpeas

Last updated 26 July 2012