Hermitage Research Facility Schools Plant Science Competition

The DAF Hermitage Research Facility (HRF) Schools' Plant Science Competition offers engaging ways for students to gain understanding and skills in key areas identified within the Australian Science Curriculum.  The future of our nation, even of our species, will depend on the way in which we utilise the valuable and dwindling resources of land, water and nutrients in the face of higher dietary expectations and increasing world population.  Encouraging the next generation of people who will be involved with agriculture as scientists or as farmers is crucial to how we will face the future and is a key purpose of the Plant Science Competition.

Competition sponsors

A number of education, art and rural sector organisations and private persons sponsor the competition each year and provide funding for general operating costs, the annual Awards Day & Ag Science Expo and a range of prizes for winning students. Without our sponsors, the competition could not be run. We would like to thank our current competition sponsors: 

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Last updated 23 January 2017