Mango varieties

  • R2E2

    R2E2 is a mid-season variety, highly sought after and fetching high domestic prices. R2E2's colour, shelf life and quality make it well suited for export

  • Calypso (B74)

    B74 mango variety combines the taste of Kensington Pride with a smaller seed, fibreless flesh and improved shelf life. It is sold as Calypso™.

  • Irwin

    The Irwin mango variety is a minor commercial in Australia. As a highly coloured fruit variety, they do not attract prices as high as Kensington Pride and R2E2.

  • Brooks

    Brooks, or Brooks Late, is a monoembryonic mango variety originating in Florida and is the latest maturing variety in Australia

  • Nam Doc Mai

    The Nam Doc Mai mango variety originated in Thailand. In Australia, it is eaten both as a ripe fruit and hard green fruit.

  • Green eating

    Green eating mango varieties are increasingly popular in Asian cuisine and some may be eaten green or ripe. Varieties include Keow Savoey and Nam Doc Mai

  • Palmer

    Palmer is a semi-dwarf variety with elongated red-coloured fruit originating from Florida. In Queensland it comprises less than 5 per cent of the total industry

  • Keitt

    Keitt is a late-season, semi-dwarf variety with large, highly coloured fruit. It is the fourth most popular commercial mango variety in Australia.

  • Haden

    The Haden mango variety is popular overseas for its golden skin and crimson red blush. Australian production is small and located mainly in Western Australia

  • Kent

    Kent is a late-season variety with large, highly coloured fruit. Commercial planting is limited owing to issues like disease susceptibility and poor shelf life

  • Kensington Pride

    Information about the mango variety Kensington Pride

Last updated 23 June 2014