Grow Help Australia

Grow Help Australia provides a comprehensive disease and pest diagnostic service for all horticultural crops, including:

  • Nursery production
  • Flower and ornamental plants
  • Fruit and vegetables.

Our experienced and dedicated staff provide rapid and accurate diagnosis and analysis with full confidentiality.

Service details

To help you improve the productivity, quality and marketability of your crops, we provide:

  • Testing for pests and disease organisms in plants, seeds, potting mix, soil and water
  • Plant pathogen testing to support accreditation scheme and export requirements

We will provide you with a comprehensive final written report, including remedial advice whenever possible.

We are not able to complete nutrient analyses or test for chemicals present in or on plant material.

How to submit a sample for diagnosis

Note: All samples require a completed Grow Help sample submission form

  1. Firstly, read the Collecting, preparing and packaging samples information to ensure you choose a suitable specimen and package it correctly. The address to post your sample is available on this page and is emailed to you following completion of the sample submission form.
  2. Visit the Fees page to find out what the cost of the diagnostic test will be. An invoice will be sent to you after you receive our report.
  3. Complete the online Grow Help sample submission form including as much detail as possible. Ensure you include your correct email address as you will receive a copy of your completed form after you hit the submit button.
  4. Send your sample via post or courier. Courier is preferred. The address to post your sample to is available on Collecting, preparing and packaging samples.

Telephone us on 13 25 23 if you have any doubt about collecting and sending the specimens. You may also email us at


The exact length of time to achieve a diagnosis may vary depending on how the host plant and symptoms.

The disease plays a large role in determining the length of time required. Some samples may only take a few days to be completed, others require 3-4 weeks to isolate and identify the pathogen; on average two weeks is required.

You will be given regular updates when long periods are required to complete your sample.

We are not a telephone advisory service and will not be able to provide accurate diagnostic advice over the phone without a sample.

Further information

Last updated 03 January 2017