Red witchweed eradication program

Have you seen red witchweed?

Be on the lookout for red witchweed and report it to Biosecurity Queensland. Early detection and reporting is key to controlling red witchweed.

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  • Growing red witchweed
    Growing red witchweed
  • Close-up of red witchweed plant
    Close-up of red witchweed plant
  • Close-up of red witchweed flowers
    Close-up of red witchweed flowers

The red witchweed National Eradication Program (RWWNEP) targets eradication of red witchweed which has been introduced into North Queensland.

The impact of red witchweed, if allowed to expand un-checked in tropical and sub-tropical areas of Australia, would be significant on agriculture and the environment. Evidence of the economic and environmental impacts of this weed in other countries supports the need to maintain eradication, which is the main objective of the program.

The RWWNEP program is managed by Biosecurity Queensland, a business unit of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and jointly funded/supported by the Federal Government as well as state government agencies in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory plus Grain Industry Peak Bodies, Meat and Livestock Association and Canegrowers.

Red witchweed is classified as a notified pest species under Queensland legislation which means it is a serious offence to introduce, keep or sell this weed without a permit issued by Biosecurity Queensland.

To report red witchweed sightings in your area fill out an online reporting form.

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Last updated 20 February 2017