Research stations and facilities

  • Applethorpe Research Facility

    A sole temperate fruit and vegetable research facility in Queensland.

  • Ayr Research Facility

    The station is presently involved in the sorghum and mungbean breeding program, banana gene pool, mahogany selection and other horticultural trials.

  • Bowen Research Facility

    Ideally suited to RD&E in horticultural vegetable cropping including sweet corn, tomato, capsicum and melons.

  • Brian Pastures Research Facility

    Provides an atmosphere suitable to the diverse requirements of intensive and semi-intensive environments of beef cattle research and development.

  • Bribie Island Research Centre

    The first dedicated multi-functional aquaculture research facility to be built in Australia.

  • Bundaberg Research Facility

    Provides support to horticultural, agricultural and sugar industries in the wide bay area of southeast Queensland.

  • Ecosciences Precinct

    Facilities include research and educational laboratories, insect houses, controlled environment rooms, greenhouses, offices and workshops.

  • Gatton Research Facility

    Research services to the horticultural and Aaricultural industries in subtropical Queensland.

  • Health Food Science Precinct

    Delivering clean, safe and high quality food and animal products.

  • Hermitage Research Facility

    A major centre for plant breeding and agronomic studies on agricultural crops grown in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

  • J Bjelke-Petersen Research Facility & Redvale field site

    Leading and innovating a wide range of scientific research and development.

  • Leslie Research Facility

    Service provider since 1962 for plant breeding and agronomic studies on grain crops throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

  • Mareeba Research Facility

    Offers research, development and extension services to far north Queensland’s agriculture industries.

  • Maroochy Research Facility

    For more than 50 years, MRF has serviced Queensland’s and Australia’s tropical and subtropical fruit and nut industries.

  • Northern Fisheries Centre

    Provides support to a unique aquaculture facility through salt-water supply and filtration.

  • Queensland Animal Science Precinct

    World-class research facilities in the areas of animal growth, adaptation, welfare, health and vaccines.

  • Redden Street Research Facility

    Research Facility with Agri-science groups including Food Technology, Horticulture and Forest Science, Regional Services and Biosecurity.

  • Redlands & QCDF Research Facility

    Servicing the needs of the nursery, cut flower, parks and gardens, landscape and turf industries and housed the peak bodies for these industries.

  • Salisbury Research Facility

    Equipped to undertake forest products research and development on semi-commercial, pilot and laboratory scales.

  • South Johnstone Research Facility

    Primarily providing trial sites and infrastructure support for banana, papaya and timber RD&E.

  • Spyglass Research Facility

    Leading role in research to advance tropical and subtropical beef production and ecosystem management, development, extension, education and training programs.

  • Walkamin Research Facility

    Incorporating diverse aspects of irrigated and high rainfall tropical farming systems.

Last updated 12 September 2017