Biosecurity eNewsletter

Summer 2015-16
In this issue:

  • New legislation to end puppy farms
  • Panama disease tropical race 4 Program update
  • Asian Honey Bee restricted area removed
  • Gladstone set to eradicate fire ants within months
  • West Indian drywood termite consultation - Have your say!
  • Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) preparedness program
  • New biocontrol agent to control cactus in Queensland
  • Cattle tick consultation closes soon

Spring 2015
In this issue: 

  • $15M to tackle pest animals and weeds
  • QLD's cattle tick regulations are taking shape
  • Fire ant dogs are deployed in the Northern Territory for a browsing ant trial
  • The latest on Panama disease tropical race 4
  • The new QDOG committee is announced, and more...

July 2015
In this issue:

  • Learn about the new Exhibited Animals Act 2015
  • The latest on Panama disease tropical race 4
  • The foot-and-mouth disease emergency vaccination exercise
  • Have your say on Queensland's biosecurity review and more...

May 2015
In this issue: 

  • Find out the latest on the Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus detection in North Queensland and efforts to contain Panama disease tropical race 4 in Queensland's banana industry
  • Learn about the new biosecurity laws for Queensland
  • The national livestock standstill exercise
  • How to 'Join the ant hunt' and more...

Last updated 23 February 2016