Shark Control Program

Queensland's beaches are great places to swim and surf, but it’s important to be aware that sharks inhabit our coastline, as well as estuaries, rivers, creeks, canals and streams.

The Queensland Shark Control Program aims to minimise negative encounters between humans and sharks and protect people swimming and recreating at Queensland beaches.

The Shark Control Program includes the following activities:

  • SharkSmart communication and education on how to minimise the risk of a negative encounter with a shark.
  • Shark control equipment (nets and drumlines) placed at beaches along the Queensland coastline
  • Science and research to improve the effectiveness of shark control equipment, reduce the impact on non-target marine animals and investigate the potential application of alternative technologies for mitigating shark bites
  • Protecting non-target marine life and releasing marine life caught in shark control equipment

Contact us

If you notice that an animal has been entangled in shark control equipment, or find equipment on the beach or notice equipment has broken free, please call the shark hotline on 1800 806 891 (24 hours, free call within Queensland).

If you see marine life caught in other fishing equipment, please contact the Department of Environment and Science on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

For general enquiries about the Shark Control Program, call us on 13 25 23 or email

Records of shark attacks

Known details of shark attacks in Australia are recorded in the Australian Shark Attack File maintained by Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

Known details of shark attacks worldwide are recorded in the International Shark Attack File maintained by Florida Museum.