Shark control equipment


Nets do not prevent sharks from entering a particular area. They’re intended to catch 'resident sharks' and sharks that pass through the area while feeding on bait fish.

Equipment is installed far enough offshore to prevent human and shark interaction.

The Shark Control Program’s (SCP) large mesh nets are designed to catch sharks over 2 m in length. The SCP aims to reduce the number of potentially dangerous sharks in particular areas rather than create an impenetrable barrier against shark attack.

Fisheries Queensland’s net specifications and are 186 m long, a depth of 6 m, and a mesh size of 500 mm.

The nets are set adjacent to the shoreline according to the prevailing tides and currents. The topographical features of the area and sea conditions determine the nets distance from the shore.

Shark Control Program shark net arrangement. Image identifies net components (floats, shackles and acoustic alarms) and net dimensions.
© Queensland Government


Drumlines catch actively feeding sharks using only fresh, natural bait attached to shark fishing hooks suspended from a large plastic float, which is anchored to the sea bed.

Shark Control Program shark drumline arrangement. Image identifies drumline components (floats, anchor and hook) and drumline dimensions.
© Queensland Government

Equipment maintenance

SCP equipment is serviced every second day by independent contractors who work under Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol supervision, weather permitting.

All fishing equipment is removed from the water for maintenance and replaced with fresh equipment at least once every 21 days.

Contractors also assist with collaborative research projects associated with the SCP and provide a 24-hour, seven-day service in case of emergency. Regular reviews are performed on contractor procedures and performance.

Download SCP gear locations (includes coordinates) (XLS, 189.0KB)

See Sharks control and swimming safely for a list of public beaches where SCP equipment is installed and equipment locations from the shore.

Notices to Mariners

Maritime Safety Queensland issues 'Notices to Mariners'  that provide marine safety information, including advice of where SCP equipment is located throughout the state.

Reporting an equipment issue

If you find equipment on the beach or notice equipment has broken free, please contact the SCP hotline on 1800 806 891 (free call within Queensland).