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Safeguard and label information


The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) controls and regulates pesticides, including herbicides. The APVMA assesses chemical products for toxicology, efficacy, environmental impact, residues, breakdown times and occupational health impacts. The APVMA scheme is recognised as one of the world's most rigorous safeguards.

Label information

It is extremely important to read and adhere to the information on the herbicide label.

This includes:

  • signal heading (indicating the product's hazard level)
  • trade name
  • claims for use
  • active constituent
  • net contents
  • directions and limitations
  • withholding period
  • storage instructions
  • safety directions and first aid
  • dangerous goods notification
  • expiry date
  • mode of action (type of herbicide)
  • important notes.

By law, herbicides can only be used in accordance with the claims for use on the label. Most environmental weed applications are not listed on herbicide labels. In these cases, it is necessary to obtain an off-label permit.

Further information