Alerts provide important information about current key issues in Queensland’s biosecurity.


December 2018
Industry alert – Citrus canker (Xanthomonas citri pv. citri)
A new MCO commenced 24 December 2018 and will stay in effect for three months, unless revoked earlier.

Sept 2018
Movement Control Order for citrus canker
A new MCO commenced 24 September 2018 and will stay in effect for three months, unless revoked earlier.

July 2018
Anthrax case in southern Queensland
A case of anthrax in cattle was confirmed in the Dirranbandi-St George area in early July 2018.

June 2018
New movement controls for citrus canker after detection in Northern Territory and Western Australia
The department has issued a new movement control order (MCO) notice for citrus canker and carriers to prevent it spreading into Queensland after it was recently detected in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

May 2018
American foulbrood case in West Mackay
The department has confirmed a case of American foulbrood in bee hives in West Mackay, and are working with the affected beekeeper to control the outbreak.

April 2018
Movement controls for citrus canker after detection in Northern Territory
The department has issued a Movement Control Order (MCO) Notice for citrus canker and carriers to prevent it spreading into Queensland’s produce areas, after it was recently detected in the Northern Territory.

April 2018
South Australia’s changed entry requirements for fruit fly hosts
Biosecurity South Australia has recently changed its quarantine entry requirements for heat treatment and methyl bromide fumigation of Queensland fruit fly and Mediterranean fruit fly host produce. Find out about the changes which came into effect on 28 March 2018.

29 March 2018
Queensland Biosecurity Strategy
The Queensland Biosecurity Strategy has been launched by the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries. The strategy is the Government’s five-year plan to build the framework for Queensland’s future biosecurity system, to protect the state’s almost $20 billion agriculture industry.

27 March 2018
Mosquito-borne virus detected in Central Queensland
Horse owners are urged to be aware of the potential for mosquito-borne viruses to cause illness in horses following the detection of Kunjin virus in mosquitoes in the Central Highlands area.

20 March 2018
Methyl bromide entry requirements update
In March 2018 Biosecurity Tasmania advised the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries that effective immediately they have changed their import requirement for methyl bromide-treated fruit and vegetables entering the state.

8 February 2018
Panama disease confirmed on third property in Tully Valley
Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed a third detection of Panama disease tropical race 4 (Panama TR4) on a commercial banana farm in the Tully Valley.

2 February 2018
Tomato-potato (TPP) psyllid advice
The Queensland Government has approved a new biosecurity regulation to prohibit the entry of Tomato-potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli) (TPP) carriers into the state, unless certain conditions are met.

1 December 2017
Check for American foulbrood to protect bees
Biosecurity Queensland is encouraging beekeepers to check their hives for the presence of American foulbrood (AFB), particularly those in Claremont, Emerald, Moranbah, Dysart, Middlemount and Mackay due to recent detections.

15 November 2017
DNA detection finds no trace of Asian green mussel - but the hunt will continue
No further signs of Asian green mussel have been found in waters around Weipa, but Biosecurity Queensland is maintaining surveillance activities as summer heralds spawning season.

14 November 2017
No positive detections of varroa mites mean good news for area freedom
The National Varroa Mite Eradication Program, which was implemented in response to a detection of varroa mites (Varroa jacobsoni) in Townsville in June 2016, has entered into the third stage of the response – proof of area freedom.

30 August 2017
South Australia updates entry requirements for blueberry rust host materials
South Australia has moved to further protect its blueberry industry by issuing an updated Plant Quarantine Standard for hosts of blueberry rust (Thekospora minima).

25 July 2017
Asian green mussel: Surveillance underway in Weipa waters
Biosecurity Queensland officers have spent time working with local businesses and the community to check areas where the mussels may take up residence, including wharves, moorings and old pieces of nets and ropes.

July 2017
Varroa mite update
Roosting rainbow bee-eaters needed to find Asian honey bees in Townsville.

8 June 2017
Asian green mussel detected near Weipa
Biosecurity Queensland is conducting surveillance after a single Asian green mussel was confirmed at a site south of Weipa.

26 May 2017
New Hendra virus case confirmed in Gold Coast Hinterland
Biosecurity Queensland is managing a new Hendra virus case in a horse in the Gold Coast Hinterland area after a positive test result was received.