Graduate connect program

Applications for the 2023 program have closed.
Applications for the 2024 program will open mid to late 2023.

Cast your net and grow your career with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) and help bring our legacy to life. You will play a vital role in the production and protection of food and fibre for Queenslanders and the world.

Our 2-year program provides you with valuable learning and development opportunities to launch your career and make a tangible impact for today and tomorrow. Just imagine what you can achieve with us!

  • Video transcript

    It's not just about the  work, it's about the people.

    There's a lot of very talented people

    but very humble people

    in this department.

    And you'd be amazed, some of the talents

    we have in this organisation.

    It is a great department to work for.

    It has really good, flexible work-life balance.

    They are very open to supporting

    your flexibility

    and helping you strive in your career.

    I've had a lot of opportunity  to do different things,

    so, acting higher duties twice,

    got another one coming up.

    I started as a Senior Information  Management Specialist,

    and then I was given the opportunity to

    do a senior leaders program.

    I think that one of

    the great opportunities within the department

    is the professional development.

    I undertook a

    diploma in agricultural economics,

    followed by a master in economics,

    which is completely supported

    by the department financially.

    The department has a lot of opportunities

    for people who want to

    move into other areas of the department.

    The position I'm in today,

    never in a million years I thought I'd

    move to a leadership-management position.

    I really enjoy

    getting the best out of my staff

    and mentoring them to

    their career paths.

    Even through stressful times,

    we have a joke and,

    you know, we get through it with style.

    It's kind of like making a contribution to

    the Queensland public

    in our own little way,

    but then you've got a great

    group of people to do it with.

    Everyone is different,

    but then we can come together and

    achieve an outcome.

About our program

Our 2-year program will provide you with:

  • 12 months of structured learning and development with regional and/or business group rotations opportunities
  • 12 months of interesting project work with business groups
  • networking opportunities with your fellow graduates
  • access to a mentoring program
  • a buddy to support your career journey with DAF.

You will also be part of our one, diverse DAF. We are committed to building an inclusive culture that embraces the diversity and unique perspective and experiences of our people and the community we serve. We want you to bring your authentic self to DAF – our diversity makes us stronger.

Learn more about our people, including why they choose DAF and more importantly why they stay.

Graduate disciplines and intake

Graduates will be recruited from diverse disciplines. Graduates will start their placement in February/March each year.


We typically look for graduates who:

  • have completed a university degree within the last two years or are due to graduate before the commencement of the program
  • have a university undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline
  • hold Australian citizenship, New Zealand citizenship, or permanent residency.

Employee benefits and entitlements

As an employee, you will receive:

  • competitive salary (AO3 or PO2 classification level) and up to 12.75% employer superannuation contributions plus leave loading
  • generous leave provisions, including up to 4 weeks paid recreation leave and 10 days sick leave
  • flexible work-life balance with a 36.25 hour working week and work-from-home opportunities
  • discounted fitness and pool membership programs, free employee assistance program, and other health and wellbeing initiatives
  • study and research assistance schemes to help you with further study.

Got questions?

Email People and Culture if you have any questions about our program.