The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Schools program (AGISP)

The Agribusiness Gateway to Industry Program, managed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), and funded by the Department of Employment Small Business and Training, educates and encourages students to become part of tomorrow’s agriculture workforce.

How the program works

The program aims to help young people make a successful transition from school into further education and/or employment in agriculture related industries. AGISP encourages meaningful collaboration between schools, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, universities, and industry to promote and provide agribusiness career opportunities for young Queenslanders.

In particular, AGISP does this by:

  • developing curriculum resources to incorporate modern agricultural examples into business, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects
  • partnering with local industry to provide inspirational experience outside the classroom to promote careers in agribusiness
  • increasing access to school-based apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities
  • providing professional development and up-skilling opportunities for teachers
  • helping schools to provide quality VET that equips school students with practical in-demand skills.

Benefits for schools

Currently, 65 schools around the State are participating in AGISP, undertaking a range of projects that expose students to various aspects of the agricultural supply chain including: cropping, husbandry, data analysis, research, scientific trials, logistics, marketing and business management.

School-based agriculture programs are supported by more than 200 industry partners and 30 DAF staff state-wide, including extension officers, scientists, project officers and biosecurity officers acting as mentors to teachers. Mentors also assist with sourcing advice for schools wanting to reinvigorate or establish new agriculture programs.

AGISP schools are supported with socially distant e-technologies to meet both student and teacher needs. E-technologies are a variety of online classes, webinars and podcasts, led by DAF staff, along with industry and education professionals.

In 2021, schools participating in AGISP were invited to apply for small grant funding of up to $10,000 for projects that support agriculture studies in schools.

More information

For more information on AGISP, including details on current activities and projects, opportunities for students and teachers or how your school or business can get involved, please contact the project coordinator.