Queensland’s sheep and goat meat strategy

Queensland’s sheep and goat meat strategy (PDF, 4.6MB) seeks to capitalise on expected growth in sheep and goat numbers resulting from government and private investment in cluster fencing to protect livestock from predation.

The strategy was developed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, supported by technical advice and research from BDO Services, Hall Chadwick Queensland, the Rural Economies Centre of Excellence, Thomas Elder Markets and Queensland’s Health and Food Sciences Precinct. To ensure industry relevance it has been informed through consultation with AgForce Sheep & Wool, the Australian Meat Industry Council and the Goat Industry Council of Australia.

This strategy seeks to promote and support growth in Queensland's sheep and goat sectors—placing particular focus on Queensland’s small-scale processors—to maximise opportunities for job creation and economic activity in our rural and outback towns.

Queensland’s sheep and goat meat strategy (PDF, 4.6MB) is a component of the Unite and Recover Outback Queensland Regional Recovery Action Plan. It supports ongoing recovery and growth in agriculture and food processing and has strong links to agritourism, agtech and Queensland’s future-focused agribusiness and food strategy.