Membrane extraction of a phytochemical


State Government researchers were funded to work with a Queensland based sugar company to investigate the separation of health beneficial phytochemicals from sugar cane. This separation was achieved using molecular weight based filtration technologies.


Two State Government researchers worked on the project for three months full-time. Samples were obtained and processed according to the project outline. The results and samples were submitted to the industry partner and the SRDC. These results were also presented at an industry group meeting by the scientists involved.


This project created several novel techniques to extract and isolate specific phytochemicals from sugar cane utilizing membrane technology. This resulted in new product opportunities for the entire sugar industry.


New products and techniques were developed to expand the product base of the client which in turn would lead to increased market presence.

  • New scientific results were published.
  • The entire sugar cane industry, a major employer and revenue source in Queensland, was able to take the lead in the international market.

The industry group was not able to conduct the research alone - partnering with the State Government allowed access to funding, equipment and scientific knowledge to successfully complete the project.