World-class sorghum germplasm

Sorghum field

New sorghum germplasm to enhance breeding

We collaborate with the Grains Research and Development Corporation to develop world-class varieties of sorghum.

We have created many inbred lines that can be cross-bred to create the world's best and most resilient sorghum, with resistance to drought and sorghum midge. New and better lines are made commercially available each year.

These lines have been very successful and profitable for our commercial partners. In fact, all commercially grown sorghum in Australia, and much of that grown around the world, contains our sorghum germplasm.

Our sorghum has gained a significant reputation in the Australian and international market for the following traits:

  • Moderate to high resistance to sorghum midge, a pest that can devastate crops during the flowering period. Resistance levels are enough to give field immunity under Australian conditions.
  • High levels of stay-green drought resistance in most material. Stay-green reduces lodging, maintains grain size and increases yield in severe end-of-season drought conditions.
  • Enhanced digestibility in some forage and silage parent lines using the bmr12 gene. Parent lines are also available with the waxy gene, which helps ruminants digest sorghum grain.
  • Unique genetic diversity can be introduced into sorghum breeding programs from our diversified gene pool program. This germplasm carries new genes from landraces and wild species into adapted lines with stay-green and midge resistance.
  • High levels of resistance to common pathogens, according to feedback from international users.

Our scientists will work with your company to identify the best germplasm to suit your needs. Germplasm can be used to make breeding crosses with sorghum lines from other breeding programs, subject to the conditions of the licence agreement.

Licensing and royalties

Germplasm is licensed thorough a non-exclusive licensing arrangement that sets out the terms and conditions for the germplasm's use. An upfront fee is charged based on the number of lines licensed.

Seed companies wishing to commercialise our sorghum germplasm, or use it for breeding, must obtain a licence from the State of Queensland through DAF.

We are looking for individuals or commercial entities interested in commercialising sorghum, with a view to obtaining a licence to cross-breed, grow and sell the sorghum.

For all research commercialisation enquiries, please contact Agri-Science Queensland's Crop and Food Science Unit via the Customer Service Centre.