Animal Research and Development

Our agricultural research and development (R&D) activities focus on improving the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of Queensland's tropical and sub-tropical livestock businesses and industries and management options for its fisheries. Alongside this agricultural R&D, the delivery of extension, education and training programs support the state's production of:

  • beef
  • dairy products
  • wool and sheep meat
  • pork
  • chickens and eggs
  • honey
  • prawns, crustaceans and fish (farmed and wild capture).

Our research, development and extension activities are focused on supporting industry to:

  • optimise productivity and profitability
  • remain competitive
  • minimise offsite or environmental impacts
  • improve animal welfare.

Additionally, we support Queensland's fishing sector by analysing data to look at the impacts of external factors on fishery productivity, commercial fishing and other factors on aquatic ecosystems. The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is a key drive for strategic R&D in Queensland fisheries.

Producers that benefit from new technologies, tools and varieties derived from our R&D can:

  • remain profitable
  • grow their businesses
  • support their families
  • continue to produce food and fibre for local and export markets.

Consumers also benefit from agricultural R&D. These benefits include the year-round supply of safe, affordable, high-quality food and fibre produced in an ethically and environmentally sound manner.

Particular strengths are our focus on applied research, conducted in partnership with producers, and our understanding of tropical and sub-tropical production systems.