Animal biosecurity and welfare

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that all animals in Queensland have appropriate standards of welfare.

Biosecurity Queensland, a service of the department, is the government's lead agency for animal welfare activities in Queensland. We develop, monitor and enforce animal welfare policy, legislation and standards, and educate the community about animal welfare.

  • Requirements for registrable biosecurity entities

    Legal requirements for animal owners and keepers to register with Biosecurity Queensland.

  • Animal welfare and ethics

    Find information about how the Queensland Government is committeed to ensuring that all animals in Queensland have appropriate standards of welfare

  • Animal health, pests and diseases

    General animal health and disease information as well as surveillance and control programs

  • Exhibiting animals

    You need the proper licences and permits to exhibit animals in Queensland. Find out your legal obligations for exhibiting animals in zoos, circuses, parks, etc.

  • Moving and selling livestock

    Information about moving and selling livestock in Queensland

  • Invasive animals

    A-Z list of pest animals, impacts and how to manage pest animals on your property, prohibited pets, pest ants, marine pests, the Queensland feral pest initiative and more

  • Biosecurity planning to protect your property

    Unauthorised entry at places where animals are kept can pose biosecurity risks. Update or develop a biosecurity management plan and take action to support the security of your property