Spatial pest attribute standard (SPA standard)

The Spatial Pest Attribute Standard (SPA Standard) is a document that defines how spatial information about pests are described. This includes information about pest infestations, management and control activities, pest strategies and pest surveys.

The SPA Standard is designed for agencies and other stakeholders who are involved in the management and control of weeds and pest animals. The standard can be used to help build electronic or paper based data capture systems. The main intent of the standard is to aid the collection of consistent and standardised information which should facilitate data sharing between different agencies involved in the same pest management goals and activities.

Version history

The initial draft Spatial Pest Attribute Standard was available for consultation from October 2009 until 11 December 2009. It was then reviewed by the Queensland Spatial Information Council, and further data analysis revision was carried out by the Information and Technology Section.

Further comments from various stakeholders and updates to control methods have been incorporated into the current SPA Standard (Version 7, June 2012).

The tables in the SPA Standard are also available in MS Excel spreadsheet format. Please contact Moya Calvert on or 07 3087 8080.


The SPA Standard was developed following consultation with various representatives from Queensland Government, local government and other organisations with a business interest. Consideration has also been given to existing spatial standards and established national standards that are directly related to spatial pest attributes.

National Data Standard for Invasive Plants and Animals

A draft national data standard was developed in 2015 by the National Indicators Working Group; it was agreed by the Invasive Plants and Animals Committee to be progressed for endorsement by the National Biosecurity Committee. The national standard has not been published.  Please contact Moya Calvert on for more information about the national standard.